Saturday, 29 December 2012

Boxing Day

We were still at the end of beyond, on the ranch for Boxing Day.  Christmas Day was actually more peaceful as there were fewer people.  A gang of people arrived with snowmobiles and sleds and food.  Wagonburner made potato and bacon soup with the leftover potatoes.  That and buns and Christmas dinner leftovers, kept folk inside warm.  They were also given a smoked turkey which I had never tried before.  It tastes like a cross between ham and turkey. 

The hardier folk gathered around the fire for smokies and hotdogs and marshmallows and coffee with Bailey's.  The children were delightful to watch.  It takes them forever to get into their warmer clothes over top of their real clothes.  They jump and hop around to try to get into the outer shells properly.  What a conglomeration of clothing and boots and goggles there was at the front entrance.

Beaver's baby was outside on a sled for hours.  Canadian babies are tough, but her cheeks were rosy when she came inside finally. 

Canadian ladies fashions include long johns, some with flowers.Real wool socks are mandatory. 


  1. Those rosy cheeks are so precious! I used to have long-johns when I was younger, living in Ohio and going out ice skating on the lake for hours and hours. What fun that was! Looks like a great time was had by all!

  2. It all looks great fun! I love all the festive fare too.

  3. You are such hardy people! Funny what a difference a few hundred km to the North makes. We have temps just around the freezing mark.

  4. And I thought winters could be cold in the UK ! We know nothing and as a result we're never prepared for them. I've already got half a Long John with my compression stocking ~ perhaps I need to get one on the other leg.