Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Birthday

We had settled in well to our new freshly-redone ground floor suite.  My birthday came along so it was time to splurge a bit. 


My standard answer when students asked me how old I happened to be on my birthday each November was, "The same age Christ was when they killed him."  Then they would have to do some research.  Or I would say, "Sweet 16 and never been kissed."  Some just wandered away happy.  Others were puzzled, and a few scoffed or groaned.  Actually I turned 68.  I don't know how the hell that happened.  For my birthday this year we went out to dinner to try a new village restaurant.  The food was passable but we won't go there again.  We have other places we like better.  Or it might be a good afternoon coffee spot in warmer weather as it has a lovely courtyard area. 

Then Old Man went to the Legion to play crib and I went with friends to see a Shakespearean spoof called "A Midsummer

Night's Midterm".   It was about a group of students who were struggling to understand the original story.  I learned some things from their studies and explanations to each other while seated in front of the left wing, in a small area made to look like  a corner of one of their living rooms.  The original play was being acted out on the rest of the stage and would freeze as the students discussed their impressions such as, "That woman needs therapy."  or   "Can't she see he is just not into her."  I especially enjoyed the antics of a woman playing Puck.   In real life she takes in foster children. 

This is my friend Andrea who with her partner Nadine organize the Arts for the area under their umbrella organization called Winding Rivers Arts and Performance or WRAP.   I was amazed at the quality of talent in this small area of Canada.  Actors came from several local villages to put this on in the Ashcroft Community Hall. What a delightful birthday present this was.  I laughed and laughed and enjoyed my evening so much.  Thanks everybody. 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, Karyn!! Sorry I missed saying that on your special day. Multiply would tell us that birthdays were coming. I miss that on Blogger. The play does sound delightful. I'm happy you had a good celebration!!

  2. Belated Birthday congratulations Karyn ... and thank you for including a Green Man ~ a very impressive Green Man too.

    1. It was done by a Canadian company that makes kitchen tiles. You can order them on line.

    2. I am impressed though I don't know whether I would want a kitchen full of them.

  3. Happy 69th year! Community theater is a joy. Amazing how much work by how many people is needed to put on a show. In case you never saw this, here is something on ours.

  4. I read that post and saw the pictures. I must say that I would have loved to have been in the audience. Maybe the draw is the multi-generational thing. That and using local folk who everybody knows but can't imagine as a vamp or duck or ..... Aren't wee villages the best places to live?

  5. Honest to Pete... I'm really bad.. really really bad... I just don't know why I can't come by blogger to check it out.

    I guess I need to say Happy Belated Birthday... And looks like you had a nice day..

    I have great news.. I got the apartment in Tacoma,WA. Its a brand new place. I go get my voucher on Thursday this week... and I think Friday I will be headed down that way to give it to the apartment complex. So, I guess I better get some boxes and start packing....LOL

    I will post a link so you can check it out.. it has everything..... So excited...