Saturday, 15 December 2012

Decorating Delights #4

Well from yesterday's trees I decided I liked the traditional one the best too.  It is the tree of my childhood, when every house had the same kind of tree with lots of tinsel.  Each tree would have a few family memory ornaments but basically they were all the same.  Now anything goes.  I kind of like that.  I was 55 though before I considered a fake tree.  I really liked the smell of the real ones in the house for a few weeks in the dark of December.  Then the ecology nazis got to me and I was OK with fake trees.  They are safer too.  That is when I started to build a collection of toyland/teddybear ornaments.  I haven't used them for 10 years since our sons got married and started their own traditions and we try to travel to them for the holidays.  Or we run away to the Mexican border for the winter. 

Here are three trees to vote on today.  

 #1 is a candle tree

#2 is a simple apartment-style entrance tree

#3  is a candy-themed tree

You still have the right to not vote or say NONE OF THE ABOVE.


  1. I vote for #2 but if it is real candles I wouldn't light them up.

  2. #2 jumped right out at me as the one I like best, so I won't reconsider my choice this time. This is fun, Karyn! I look forward to the next group. Will you post all of the 'winners' for a 'grand champion tree' when you are done with these? See what you started?!!

  3. For some reason #1 looks the most Jewish to me. Jesus was Jewish so maybe it is the appropriate one.

  4. I tend to agree with you Karyn ~ No. 1 is No. 1 with me.