Thursday, 20 December 2012

Decorating Delights #7

Every day my leg works a little better.  The muscles above and below the knee have not healed enough to support that joint properly but things keep improving.  The reiki really does help.

Old Man is not impressed with having to do so much extra work during the day.  He thinks I should be cured by now.  He is doing all the shopping plus picking up the mail and starting/warming the RV back at the house so it doesn't stall in the cold if somebody wants to see it or take it for a drive. 

A few days ago I got antsy about not having done any Christmas baking.  So I stood too long while making shortbread.  Its a good thing it is the kind that needs to rest a few hours in the fridge before being cut into rounds for baking.  I didn't have any decorations (red or green sparkles or cherries) to put on the tops and didn't want to ask Old Man to go out to the store again to get some.   

Then yesterday I again stood too long making cranberry sauce from scratch, as my contribution to the soup kitchen's turkey dinner/lunch tomorrow.  I had signed up to help but this is the most I can do except for peeling 20 pounds of carrots in the morning.  Old Man promised to pack it all over to the church hall in the morning. 

Here are the trees to vote on today.   # 1 is a Virgin Mary is her colour.

#2 is tissue paper trees

#3 is a big orange and lime green balls tree, with a few lime green ribbons, that would work well in a few of my Crone friends' decor.

It is always interesting to hear your opinions.  My favorite in #6 was the wishing stars tree as I have a feeling it was a fund raiser for a children's charity so had the names of donors on the stars.  I could be wrong.  It might just  have been people's wishes for our turbulent world.


  1. I think #1 is beautiful, so that's my choice today. #3 needs more decorations, but I like the colors.

    I hesitate to say it, but my knee might be a tad better today. I am going to be vigilant about icing it several times a day, as that seems to help. I am sitting here now with ice on my knee. Let's both continue to take care, and let the men be happy when we are back 100%!!

  2. I vote #1 It is just so lovely.

  3. I rather like the green paper ones!

    Glad to hear your leg's getting better, Karyn. Doesn't seem to have slowed you down that much though!

    1. Everything I have to do from dressing to ablutions to cooking and cleaning takes 3x as bloody long. I am starting to get ticked off with slowing down.