Sunday, 23 December 2012

Decorating Delights #8

This leg thing is getting annoying.  I am missing being in control of the household.  I sent Old Man for some basics and asked him to pick up some Eucalyptus essential oils at the health food store, and a newer elastic compression bandage.  I also asked him to get me some tea-light candles as the ones in the living room and my bedroom were worn down to nothing.  He didn't know where to find anything except these.  This is what he brought me....  Birthday cake candles.  I think I have to start communicating better with him over the lists for shopping.

He is really not into the stuff I do everyday that keeps a household running properly.  Mind you I don't know how to change the oil in the pickup either.

Here are three more trees to choose from during your voting today.

#1 is just a simple red and white tree

 #2 is another Santa Claus nostalgia tree

and #3 is a USA White House Tree which has to be more lavish

than we would do in our own homes.


  1. I vote #2 ...memories of my childhood.
    I hope your leg is getting better.

  2. I vote for #2 from this group, Karyn. I have to be explicit with Joe when he goes shopping without me. I have even cut out the name, from a box or bag, so he can take it with him to compare to what he is buying. Some of them just have a missing gene, I think! LOL

    1. I will practice some lessons from your book. Is this why I see so many men with phones asking what row, what colour etc.

  3. That made me LOL, literally! Poor men. Do you realize how many small decisions we make when shopping all the time? I love being in charge again but I know exactly what you guys are goung through. I kept thinking I'd made a perfect list, and something was always questionable. And then there the stuff that you did not put on the list, but you'd immediately remember when you saw it in the store. Here is hoping you get all the way better soon.

  4. Oh dear, I hope your leg improves soon. No. it's no use sending men shopping!

  5. I rather like No. 1 ...

    So you're resorting to a compression bandage as opposed to me with my compression stocking. I hope it's helping out Karyn. I go nowhere without mine except to sleep.

    As for shopping I manage it without too many problems though I tend to share the work with my Beloved when she's here.