Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Advent is here

Advent is here and the sense of excitement is building.  The Three Amigos as a child once described the Wise Men, are searching.  Folk seem friendlier.  All the decorations and night lights seem to make the villagers even more cheerful.  Due to my bum leg and crutches I decided to do all my Christmas shopping on line again this year.  I did it online last year too, but because we were down by the Mexican border.        

I bought all the grand-children a renewal of their subscriptions to National Geographic (kids versions). 
I also sent them cards with a cheque for their registered education funds.  They have way too many toys anyhow, and 10 years from now when heading off to University they may appreciate not getting a toy this year.  Then for all my other family, friends and the children I gave to Feed the Hungry. 

When we were visiting in November Nolan and Eden went through the brochure and chose the things they would like to give to a struggling family.  I explained this would be sent in their names from me, instead of finding a toy under their tree from us.  They were OK with that and circled 4-5 things important to them.This group is run by Mennonites and has filed a very low administration budget.  Our church recommended them years ago.  The youngest grand-daughter chose to give seed potatoes as she is into gardening.

Nolan chose school supplies and a hand washing station and a fish farm.Their parents gave away a pair of pigs. 

The other grand-daughters, way over in Ontario, love their own chickens so are donating a pair of chickens each.and their parents are getting a goat.  A teacher friend is getting a chalkboard. My rancher friend who has had operations over the year is donating wheelchairs.  It is kind of amusing choosing these gifts.  Field workers go to the villages and ask what they need, and provide the list to choose from.  So my shopping is done.  I got Old Man an electric razor from the Avon catalogue.  He prefers a straight razor but with his bad eye, he keeps cutting himself.  His beard isn't as tough as it used to be anyhow.  There, I am done and don't have to wrap anything except the razor.

Being immobile for most of the day helped me get all my snail- mail Christmas cards done, to folk who don't have computers or turn up their noses at e-cards.  I had also promised Amnesty International last month that I would write 10 letters for Human Rights day on Dec. the 10th.  But as I was stuck in the house I managed to write 20.  There are some perks to being house-bound.


  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful idea to do instead of buying gifts! You are teaching the kids a good lesson, too.

  2. Thanks for doing all this, it's bringing a better life to so many people.

  3. That looks like a nice charity. I have been giving KIVA cards, same idea.We all have way too much stuff!

    1. Stuff.....that is all those things are, is STUFF. They may have seemed important to have at one time, or we had an emotional attachment to them, but really, to our grandchildren they will just be STUFF that they have to get rid of. I am trying to get rid of as much STUFF as possible so my kids don't have to do it for me. I wonder how I can encourage the others who are still afraid of blogger, like you helped me?