Monday, 24 December 2012

Decorating Delights #9

Well the Apocalypse didn't happen yesterday, did it?  At least I am still here and the walls are still standing.              

He is such a wise but somehow contemporary man.  

We are leaving in the morning to go to the ranch at 150 Mile Ranch for Christmas with our rent-a-daughter for 3-4 days.  It is too far to go to Ontario to be with the girl grand-children.  Our son in BC is hosting the other in-laws this year.  I am walking better with the one crutch so a change of scene and pace will be good after 3 weeks indoors. 

This will be the last decorating delights set of pictures.  Then I will go back and pick the three that received the most votes.

#1 was decorated with second hand things from a thrift store

#2 is  carved wood table toppers that would look good on my oriental chest 

#3 is a tissue paper rainbow whimsy


  1. no Apocalypse didn't happen maybe if that was what the actual Mayan Elders predicted it would of, but they didn't and it didn't.
    Have a Happy Holiday leg and safe

  2. Karyn, I am glad to hear you are getting out and about, and that you are confident on your crutch. I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas (and safe travels, too!).

    I will vote for tree #1. The wood carvings are very nice, and the rainbow tree is quite creative, but I would choose the first one out of these three.

  3. I vote #2
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, take good care of your leg and be safe.

  4. Yes, a bit embarrassing to find the world didn't end after celebrating so hard the night before. I vote for #1 - love it!

  5. We've just come back from our Christmas service - more joyous than reflective. I enjoyed it.

  6. Are you studying with Vanier in person??? He is such an amazing soul. Have a wonderful Christmas, crutch and all.

    1. We would be so blessed to have him in our little community. But, no, it was a series on video with guided followup discussions. I missed the first three sessions.

  7. Christmas Tree No. 1 for me Karyn.

    I love the old photo of your town ~ you won't be surprised at this.

    As for the words of Jean Vanier I rather like them.