Friday, 7 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot ........



Our Landlord began decorating a few days ago.  Here are the stairs up to his suite with nutcrackers from all over the world on each side of his stairs. The grandchildren get to open the box and decide who belongs on which step.  It is always fun to open the decorations box and visit old friends every December.  Each nutcracker is unique and collected on trips.  What a delightful memory this will be for his children and grandchildren.  Every family builds its own traditions.

We got a call asking if the Arts Society could use our truck for the Santa parade tonight.  I call my truck Henry.  He looks a little embarrassed to me.  Imagine having to have bows on your feet and a teddy bear on your bum.  It tried to snow this morning but didn't stick.  The parade is after dark with lots of blaring music.  I did not go as I am on crutches.  After the parade is shopping madness until midnight.  I won't be going to that either. 
The Landlord hung wreaths on the entrance door, his office and our living room door.  Things are starting to feel a lot like Christmas.


  1. This is an impressive nutcrackers collection. I hope Henry won't be traumatized by all that attention to his bum and feet.

  2. That is a very impressive collection of Nutcrackers! Tristan's mom is collecting them for him to have someday. They really make a great collection and a festive decoration during the holidays. Putting them on the stairs is a fantastic idea. Having a place to display them would be my biggest challenge.

    Your white truck does make a nice vehicle to decorate. I'm sure Henry feels a little like Henrietta, though. Hopefully he has been undecorated and feels more like himself now! ;)