Monday, 8 September 2014

Tough Times

I have a few hours of quiet tonight while I wait for our oldest son to pick up his cousin and bring her here for the night.  She had been Dragonboat Racing in Skaha Lake.
 She will stay the night and then head out to Alberta tomorrow.  She lives in Edmonton so it was so good of her to come the extra hours (6) of driving to come see her Uncle Duncan and then take a rental car back to Edmonton for us.  There is a tale of woe on why she has to do that.  I don't have the energy to tell you about it.  

Duncan roused to cook the bacon for a visit from our youngest son and his family, but ducked back to bed to leave me to finish.

Our bottom line is that Old Man Watching is doing a lot of watching and little activity.  He is being slowly emasculated.  He can't drive, or help pack in the water jugs of purified water he still wants or pack in the groceries.  I have to have somebody listening for him if he is in distress if I go shopping.  He has a bell he can ring and pooh-poohed that but used it that first night he had it to get a pain pill at 1:30 AM.  Showers are becoming a less private affair, and he was always a very private person in the bathroom.  Even when we married he didn't like me to watch him even while shaving, which I found kind of sexy.  He is still shaving himself and reverted to a straight razor as the electric wasn't doing it properly.  Unfortunately with liver failure you bleed a lot if nicked.  Sigh sigh sigh.

People have been wonderful.  We live in dog-free Bed and Breakfast home.  But our rent-a-daughter brought in a new border collie pup she plans to train to herd cattle, and Old Man was so contented to have a puppy in bed with him and licking his face.  It is too late to worry about sanitation and infection. 
 I did wash the bedding the next day though and gave it a good airing on the outside clothes line. 

Old Man's sister came from Alberta to visit with us for a few days and decided to walk the half block to go to church with me.  People were so kind but we cried a lot and couldn't stay for coffee hour.  Our little 8 year old neighbour, Trinity, came with us.

Some First |Nations people came to give us frozen salmon they are catching right now in the Fraser River.  It is illegal for them to sell them but these were gifts to Old Man Watching's family at a time of duress.  Probably that is not technically legal as we do not live on a Reserve, but it does show how big-hearted and generous they are.  We have had so many visitors that I have asked folk to not ring the doorbell but go to the back porch and sneak in and call out softly.  When the doorbell rings he tries to get up to go to answer it.  He is not in pain.  He has gut discomfort mainly from bowel impactions due to the codeine.  But the codeine is turned into morphine by the body and is keeping him at ease with only one every four hours so far.  

Some officials came to give the landlords an award for improving the village and keeping a tidy garden.  

Fortunately I had just deadheaded a lot of mess as I needed to move and do something useful while Duncan was sleeping.  We laughed at the timing but didn't tell the officials that I didn't own the place or even do most of the gardening.

The Stay at Home programme that saves the government money in the long run is starting to kick in.  I will blog about that later if I find the energy.  Good night.