Sunday, 15 June 2014

Been away a month

I actually thought about not blogging anymore because I had been away so long.  Then my fingers and brain got itchy to write.  I also needed to see what you folk out there had been doing.  So I think the best way for all of us, is to do a quick pictorial of May and then two of June.  I have been camping for over three weeks this time and am now at home for a week with Internet access.  So here are some May photos.  
  I gave out carnations and baby's breath to mothers/grand-mothers/great-grandmothers on Mother's Day Sunday at church.  The leftovers came back to me.

May's lilacs were lovely, scenting the village.  The pioneers who first settled here during the gold rush, must have missed this shrub from their homelands, as they are everywhere.  I went up and down the alleys of the village to pick these that hung over fences.  My mother painted lilacs on the limoge china vase for Old Man Watching and was painting his favorite flower on it when she died.  It needed another firing but Old Man liked it the way it was.  She was making it for a Christmas present but died on St.Patrick's Day in March.  I can't believe it was the 80's when she died.

We had taken the RV home for a week and went back to luckily find the best spot for the Grandkids' visit.  The geese came early one morning with 4 goslings.

Our grand-daughter came for her week of playing hooky and being with Nanny for fishing/camping/horsemanship.  
  She loves fishing in the AM in pajamas.  This was her second trout.

friend came to take her kayaking to see the beaver lodges on the other side of the lake.  But she still had to do her violin practising every day.

  She took 4 days of horsemanship and was doing rising trots by the last afternoon.  She was even doing hoof pick up and cleaning on the second day....
  Nanny had a fun time with her.