Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Back to normal? Am I normal?

I decided to change my background for the new year and fresh beginnings.  Since I was bucked off of that step stool a month ago I have had to move slowly and haven't been able to get outside walking.  So I joined Weight Watchers again to stop the weight gain.  I am doing it online.  Even the tracking of all food eaten seems to help and I am feeling better already. Choosing more fruits and vegetables also helps but I still need to do a proper shopping to stock the larder with wiser choices and low point snacks. I had gained 8 pounds and the last two weeks of Christmas goodies were part of the problem. 


  1. Good luck, Karyn. I need to get started again, too. Hoping another week with this knee will get me moving around a little better. In the mean time, I will start counting points again!

    Keep us posted on your progress. It will help keep me motivated!! Happy new year!

    1. Well you kept me motivated once. It is such a drag to have to be aware all of the time. I much prefer gluttony.

    2. I had thought of joining Weight Watchers.. I can't afford it though.. but if its free,, then I can...

    3. Dear Babsy....WW has a special membership joining until March where you join for free but then you have to pay by the month to keep up the membership. It is 21.95 CN a month but by 3 months you would have enough knowledge to continue on your own. At 1-2 pounds a week you would be finished anyhow by then.