Friday, 14 December 2012

Decorating Delights #3

Yesterday I preferred the Zen-like simple tree #2.  Today I am still reeling from the school shooting that killed 20 children.  I can not imagine being one of those parents.  It makes me want to find a cave and hide.  I feel like the bad guys are winning.  What can we do about this killing of innocents epidemic?  I am not against guns.  We have always had guns in our houses as we lived in the country.  My dad hunted deer and birds.  Old Man used to be a big game guide and led hunters to big horned sheep, mulies, moose, birds, mountain goats etc.  But the rules for use and storage were very carefully adhered to and the guns were safely stored when not in use in the fall.  I can't figure out what the solution is.  Guns don't kill anymore than cars kill, it is the operator that does the killing.
That's enough of that gruesome topic. 

Here are 3 more unusual Christmas trees for your perusal.

#1  a ribbons tree

#2  is an alarm clock tree

#3 is a traditonal tree.   Which one is your favourite?


  1. First of all, I agree with you about guns.

    Of these three trees, I like #3 best.

  2. Tree 3 for me but it does have a lot of lights on it.

    As for the terrible killing to which you refer as you know things are very different in the UK. Guns are controlled very much more than appears to be the case in the USA. If I saw someone with a gun other than the countryside I would be horrified.

  3. As Charlie says, we just don't see guns here. I can understand hunters having a shotgun, preferably locked away in the gun club, and I suppose it makes a certain amount of sense ti have a handgun for protection, (I don't know whether there are many cases of burglars being shot), but I don't understand having assault rifles (which are presumably used for assaults). The terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook underlines I should have thought how dangerous it is to have such weapons. I don't even understand having more than one gun unless you intend to do something more than defend yourself.

    Anyway, I like the traditional tree best.