Sunday, 13 April 2014

Spring Has Sprung 2014

I think I say that every year.  Still it delights me when the green begins after the Canadian winter and the muddy time of 'break-up' ends.  That is when everything is slick mud on rainy days, or dusty layers of film on the rocks and trees and streets on windy Spring days.   The rains are welcomed like a gentle Alleluia.  The winds are welcomed like a gentle Hosanna.  Summer is not far away.

I raked the side entrance to our back porch, ready to watch the hostas, forsythia, buckets-of- gold and peonies break through and begin to 'strut' their stuff.  
We usually go out this way from the back porch as that is where our coats hang and footwear is organized.   I will be in charge of weeding and planting some annuals when I see what perennials show up and where the empty spots are along this side of the house.  This is the way we usually go into the house and around to the back porch with our groceries from the street.  The yellow forsythia bush in bloom is telling me it is time to prune the roses, but there aren't any here.  You are either into roses or you are into the easiest pretty things to have in your yard.  I definitely want to put some snapdragons where the sun hits as they are my favorite.  I found a  patch out back where I can put my glorious zinnias in full sun.  

Then today after the lovely Palm Sunday Service at St. Alban's, I must have been feeling magnanimous, and I offered to the landlord that I would weed the vegetable garden all this summer.  I love tidy gardens with no weeds.  I like clean windows too.  I hate cooking.  'Wanna trade jobs?'

It was Palm Sunday today.  During Lent we do not put flowers on the altar, just greenery.  But today's greenery is always vases of palm branches.   I didn't take my camera but the ladies did vases much like this.  
My little less-privileged girl, Trinity, got to ring the bell at 9:30 and then again about 10 minutes before the service started.  She was delighted to be so important.  She was allowed to put out the altar candles with the long-handled snuffer last Sunday.  There are protocols.  The left = Gospel Candle can not stand alone so must be put out first.  

The Sunday school children also were given the job of handing out the palm leaf crosses.  Near the end of the Palm Sunday service the Sunday School children went back into the chapel (after a lesson on Holy Week and making fancy decorations on hard boiled eggs) .

 They were sent to be with their own families, for communion, and/or blessings at the rail.  After the last hymn, we raised our little palm crosses that the children gave us, and walked out the back door and down the street to go back inside the Hall, for the coffee hour.  Those that knew what we were up to, waved their palm crosses and shouted "Hosanna."  Some visitors are shy and didn't know why we are doing this.  

It was a bless-ed day for me.  I am not looking forward to the grim Maundy Thursday service of foot washing, or the Good Friday service that I always want to call 'Bad Friday'.  I do understand the theology though.  I just want to get back to saying Alleluia whenever I want.  We are supposed to restrain ourselves until Easter/Resurrection


  1. Like to see how spring blossom your back portch :) that’s nice dragonfly stick on the gate… I too wonder why they named it good Friday where it marks the suffering. Beautiful photo on the palm and children’s creativity on eggs.

  2. I made crosses out of the palms we brought home from church. It is nice that someone makes your palms into crosses ahead of time! Our service was lovely, too.

    I can't wait to see how you transform the garden areas and make them bloom and grow!

  3. Good decorated eggs! We soaked ours in food colouring (magazine recommendation), but you can only get brown eggs here now and the colours didn't take that well. Still they were good enough in the end and the kids enjoyed the chocolate ones . . . .