Thursday, 10 April 2014

Crone's are arising

We Crones in our group, had been a little distant from each other the last months of winter as so many ran away to Mexico or South America or to family resort weddings in the tropics, or had operations that took weeks to recover from.  Anyhow, last week we were blessed with two gatherings that most of us attended.  The first was on Friday after work (for those who still work) to celebrate that Rhonda had a working leg again.  Her walking-cast was off.  We went to her house on the river to sit in the sun, but that only was warm enough along the Thompson River for about 15 minutes, so we came back inside the sun porch. 

Then the next day the lady in blue above, Janice, who also has had severe medical issues all winter, had her 60th birthday.   We congregated at another Crone's house.  We call ourselves the Crones in the most respectful way.  We are women who are willing to share wisdom and kindness and give of ourselves to others.

The next day we gathered with other friends for a co-mingling time with Janice and her family for a gourmet spread.  Her husband made a wonderful chocolate cheese cake and put the candles in it . 
It was a delightful evening.  But do you notice that at 70, we leave earlier than we did at 50 and 60.......

We left the teenager children and even the house hosts and were the first to say goodnight.  They don't even do anything exciting that I am afraid to miss later.  I used to stay up all night at parties so I wouldn't miss anything.  There is nothing to miss anymore.   SAD  SAD  SAD

I guess we may have done it all.


  1. Oh, those days of pulling an all-nighter at a party are long gone for me, too! I can remember stopping for the Sunday newspaper on my way home from fun with friends on Saturday night. Never again!

    It is so great that you have this special group of girlfriends to gather with a few times a year! Friendships are such a blessing!

  2. It looks like a great group of friends. The term is an honorific as far as I am concerned. Crone is the most honoured part of another Trinity. The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. Your early departures remind me of my sister's last visits. We used to keep going till the wee hours, saying: the night is still young! Later that became: The night is still young.....but we're not.

  3. Glad to see you all enjoying together! Cheers to all the crones :) Hope u get share many such moments and healthy life to you all . Thanks for sharing the pictues