Tuesday, 1 April 2014


I texted some folk in the village this morning to say there was a moose on their front lawn.  They went to look and texted back that it was gone.  
Happy April Fool's Day.

It wasn't too far fetched as last week we had a bear and cub raiding garbage cans and compost heaps.  They had a ball one evening in the alley behind the bakery.  
It makes one look before stepping outside.  The conservation officers came with a big-barrel bear trap much like this one, 

and they seem to have been removed.

ps.  One of the smarties I wrote to about the moose in their yard wrote back that it was now steaks and in his freezer......  clever fellow.


  1. That made for a good April Fool's Day joke!! No pranks, yet, for me today. There is still time!!

  2. Here's what happened in the UK press


    1. I couldn't get this to show up.....