Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Disappointed Camper

I was wanting to go off to the bush after all the people that were here for Easter weekend had gone home.  I took a drive up to the lake, 15 minutes above the village, to see where the best spot to camp was for a few weeks, and maybe just park the pickup to hold the spot.  It is a first-come-first served camping area with wide areas between the sites that can each cope with 3 or sometimes more RVs.  I told Old Man that if I wasn't back in an hour I would be holding down a spot and putting out tablecloths on the heavy wooden table and setting up campchairs along the shore to claim my territory.  Then he could bring up the RV.  However all the spots were full.  Our landlord was planning to pull out of one of our favorite spots today and we arranged to pull in after he left.  But it rained all night and off and on all day and  he couldn't get his trailer up the hill as the mud is sandy silt and slick.  So he left it there.  Our RV is stocked and ready to go.  We will just have to wait until the rain lets up and the mud on the rocky road out of the site uphill to the main road, is dried enough to safely move big units on it.  The lake has lots of returning wildlife to watch.

I am still waiting for someone to 'fess' up about bumping our bumper last Nov.  

So in my disappointment about not being able to go camping, and not wanting to camp in the rain anyhow, I went surfing on the site to see pictures of the Queen's 88th.  I found this picture also of William and Kate and George arriving at some airport down-under.  The dress received rave reviews and the yellow was a nod to their symbolic colours.  However, William in an aside told Kate that she looked like a banana.  I can't stop laughing.  


  1. Kate is so beautiful, and the dress is stunning!

    So sorry you didn't get to go camping when you wanted to! I guess it will be safer all around when the road dries up some, so you can pull in and out of the spot without mishap! Keep us posted, please!

  2. Hope you will get away soon though. Best wishes. Think I have caught up with you now. Looking forward to more wanderings.

  3. BTW New Muze has now been created to try to replace the old Multiply, etc. I intend to get there more when I get back. You might like to have look.