Tuesday, 8 April 2014

I am always catching up...a blog for this week

We have had a few Crone's gatherings in the last few weeks.  People are back from Mexico and South America.  They brought colds back with them and I woke up with one yesterday.  It must be the Montezuma cold.  But I hit it fast with massive doses of zinc tablets and actually now, on day two, it is not so bad.  I still cough a bit but my headache is gone.  I just feel lethargic.
 I need to catch up on my blogging.......or not..... but just feel tonight that I want to read all of yours.

My grandson is coming for a week of fishing/camping/horsemanship.  He is #64.  I wonder how many more years he will want to play hooky from school for a week to be with his 'Nanny'....who he says is 'squishy' as we hug and read books and giggle together.    Well I laughed but his mother was horrified that he would say that.  I am squishy, I am 70.  I told him to wait until he was 70 to see if he gets 'squishy'.

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  1. What fun!! It is so great when they want to spend time with us squishy grandmoms!! I can't wait to hear about your time together! Special moments.