Monday, 21 April 2014

Happy Easter

Holy Week is a time of contemplation and meditation and prayer.  On Thursday I attended the evening foot washing ceremony.  I must admit that for some reason my feet felt especially clean afterwards.  And they have for days afterwards.  I attended the Good Friday service too, and had tears at times.  It really is the Greatest Story Ever Told.  A minister, 30 years ago, told me that in every good, well-acted movie or novel, you can find the "Christ Story" if you look for it.

Good Friday service was solemn and touching.  Knox United joined us for a small congregation of two churches' older folk coming together to share sacred times.  The reflection, from Alice Watson, hit many heartstrings.  She said things that we needed to have confirmed.  
Our altar and area around the front was stripped of any ornamentation.  All Maundy Thursday participants in the foot washing, were invited to help strip the altar of any ornamentation.  It is part of life to acknowledge the dark times and the light times.   This is how our altar (above)  looked after the Good Friday service.  And I was so happy to do the Easter Jubilation today.  I took the Sunday School kids for a quick lesson on the real meaning of Easter, and then we went on a hunt for candy eggs to put in our baskets.  

And so today we proclaim....Alleluia  Christ is Risen Indeed.


  1. What a pretty church, even without ornamentation. It is always startling to me, when I walk into the church and the cross is covered, the holy water is gone, the candles are not lighted....all to make us focus on the darkness. But, HE is risen indeed!! Alleluia!

  2. Lovely. Hope yours was a happy Easter, Karyn.