Monday, 21 April 2014

Praise the Lord

Easter ceremonies are over.  I brought the children from the Sunday School lessons in the hall, for a 3 minute walk to our suite for an egg hunt.  After an explanation about the connection in the symbolism between eggs and the round tomb cover and new life in the Spring we walked to our suite and I took them on a spying tour.  They  were not allowed to pick any eggs or coins up, but could spot as many as possible for later when I would turn them loose.  These children are all being helped by Social Services which is so good for them.  But their mothers also appreciate the time to meditate during the church service when the children are led out after the second 


She does a lot of reading and thinking on her own time.  Her parents are agnostic.  But she is so convinced and spiritual.  She cried about the crucifixion.  I caught this shot of her as she ceased to look for eggs, and admired the painting about our fireplace.  
We had 10 family for dinner after the service.  I thought there would be 4 passing through and staying in beds one or two nights.   We adjusted and everyone got a bed.  Everyone got fed.  Happy Easter.  I did a lot of scrambling.  They had to go 2 hours north,
 to Williams Lake for the induction of Old Man's father, Clarence.  It is all over now.  Some stayed with us and some stayed out in the Motorhome.   I made baked ham, two pies, smashed potatoes, a large salad,  and the local Indians were so wonderful to deliver fresh picked asparagus, which all these cowboys just love.  

I am going camping tomorrow and will be out of touch for awhile.  I need some ME TIME.   I am going to the lake to fish for trout and poke sticks in fires.  Alleluia.


  1. What a wonderful thing you did for those children, and that young girl needs a mentor to allow her to continue her Bible studies and her obvious love of art and nature! Good for her!!

    Enjoy your time away! I'll miss you, but know you will have wonderful stories to tell when you return!

  2. And what a wonderful sounding 'me time' too! Enjoy!!

  3. What a great time you had playing and sharing some valuable lessons