Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Finally settling in

It has been a hectic few weeks.  We cleared out the RV and parked it with big FOR SALE signs on it, and then began getting settled in here at our retirement suite.  The owners of the Bed and Breakfast ran away the next day after giving us a fast lesson on how to work a B/B.   I now know why they needed a two week holiday.
Above is the sign I have on the backyard gate at our own home, 15 minutes north. I think I will put it on our backyard gate here too.
While we have been in charge of the B/B we have only had 8 guests so far, some for more than one day, but it was a steep learning curve for me who has never worked a credit card machine before or fed strangers large breakfasts.  I am also filling in the reservations on a google calendar that is new to me.  I had to learn how to use an answering machine.  Yikes, I don't even have call display on my little black virgin phone that is only for emergencies.  I am also working on a new computer and can't figure out how to get pictures into this blog.  Maybe I will just stop here and go read some manuals. It is enough to make me get back into the RV, charge it up and run away back to the bushes.  I think I may have been born a century too late, and Old Man was born two centuries late.

Today I hired a fellow who is trying to find a job, to climb on ladders to do the outsides of my windows in the lower suite.  He is a new Christian convert and very ferverent.  He will settle down but for now he is so happy to have found The Lord and left his sinning behind. His life is completely turned around.  I once heard a minister say that all new Christians should be locked away for 6 months.  hee hee  But somehow it is refreshing, if sometimes a little embarrassing,  to us old stodgy folk.  He also came inside the house to do some of the higher windows that I would have had to get onto a stool to do.  That was kind and considerate of him.  He knew it was not a good thing for me to do after the mess I made of my knee/legs falling last fall while doing windows back up at our house, getting ready for the new renter.  My legs will never be the same.  Oh well, I am coming up for 70, and at least I can see out of the windows now.  The summer's desert dust and grime are gone.  I will finish the insides next week.

I will have to work on transferring my pictures from my old machine, or maybe I should cut out my stress and just leave them there and start new files as of our new retirement life.  Old Man Watching is using my older computer with Windows 7 and likes having it all to himself.

Below are my Rent-A-Daughters, one is Caucasian and one is First Nations.  They adopted us.  18 years ago they just decided to adopt us and just won't go away.  I love them to pieces.  This photo was taken after they took me for a noon tea at a delightful little roadside establishment at the 150 Mile House last August.  They bring me such joy with their visits and phone calls.  They make me laugh.
I am smiling now as tomorrow I can be lazy and just read all of your blogs and catch up on your lives.  hee hee


  1. It is good to hear that you are settling in, though you are still so busy! I can't imagine running a B&B...whew!! Bless you for taking that on, even for 'just' two weeks. Your rent-a-daughters are lovely, and what a blessing they are for you - and you for them.

    Love hearing from you hear, Karyn! Welcome back!

  2. Wow! What an undertaking. Sounds like hard work. But I'm sure you'll cope as usual. I hadn't realised that you were now selling the RV. Aw.