Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hello, we are back and settled

Finally we are settled into our retirement suite.  At least the major part of the move is done.     Old Man says he was born here and wants to die here.  I just want to get organized before winter sets in.
We seem to be having a beautiful autumn so far.  
We still have to go back to our house to start moving things like the good china and ornaments and silver and fancy stuff that is in big plastic tubs in our separate garage and storage rooms, down to this village on the river.  We don't plan to ever move back into our house and will keep renting it until it sells.  Old Man Watching just doesn't have the drive to clean gutters or prune trees or even cut the lawns anymore. He is 76 with some health issues that take too much time in each day to handle.  At least we will still be in our own space.  And to be honest I don't care about decorating and painting and renovating anymore either.  I would rather sit in the sun and read a good book or the Good Book.  I keep bumping into former students and co-workers, and it is so embarrassing to not remember names.  But I had those boys in Grade Two and now they have beards and smoke.  The girls have babies of their own, and that is disconcerting.  I am beginning to think you shouldn't be ALLOWED to have children until you are at least 25 and have some maturity smarts.  I am sooooo old school.  My Nanny told us all, as kids, not to get married (so we could have children...hee hee) until we were 25 for girls and 30 for men.  She may have been right about that.  I asked her then what the ladies in the olden days (how arrogant) used for birth control and she said...."A big stick and cocoa butter."  But that was never explained to me and by the time I was 16, birth control pills had been invented.  What do you do with the big stick?
What did they do with the cocoa butter?

We have a proper Internet connection now and cable TV.  It will take a few nights to get used to the village rhythms and sounds after so many weeks of silent nights back in the bush, except for animal and bird sounds.  


  1. Karyn, your post gave me several good chuckles today! I'm so happy to have you back where there is an internet connection. We will hopefully "see" you here more often now. I miss you when you are out and about, and out of touch. Wishing you an easy time, getting the rest of your things moved into your new home! Blessings abound!

  2. Hee hee. I suspect the big stick was to keep the boy away. We are just having work done on our house and every day there is some problem or some related thing to fix. I envy you having a nice place and someone to look after it. I am sure you'll be so happy (and I certainly hope you are). Best wishes.