Saturday, 12 October 2013

Back in September....Tom Mader

I am settled into our new retirement suite and it is time to catch up with a bit of blogging.  So I have to go back to September actually as that is when life started to take a more settled approach for us.  I started a walking commitment for an hour a day.  I am hoping it will strengthen my legs that both have old wounding issues.  I spotted where the 'Cars' movie character, Tom Mader, lives.  He spends the winter in Canada.  Why wouldn't he stay where it is warm in his own Arizona territory?

Maybe he likes to get away from all the adoring children.

This little Bed and Breakfast is two blocks south of us.  It is for sale but the single lady owner who has a polio arm, has already decorated for Autumn.  
I decided to go to the north end of town and walk across the bridge over the Thompson River as I had never done it before.

This is not my favorite walk as I don't like heights and the sidewalk is slanted to let the rain/ice/snow water run off into the river.  But now I can say I have finally walked the bridge.  I have lived in the area 23 years, so it was about time.


  1. Well done for walking the bridge. Yes, we often miss things that are on our doorstep. But well done for the bravery too!

  2. Good for you and your commitment to walk for an hour every day! The bridge looks like an interesting walk, but could sure be dangerous in bad weather! Glad you got it done under a blue sky with sunshine! The little B&B looks lovely with the orange colors on the porch. I wonder if she will sell now, with winter coming? Spring would be a better time to put it on the market, it seems to me, anyway. Wishing you a good week, Karyn! Nice to see you here!!

    1. Actually Dolly has had a rough life but came up a champion. Her story would make a good soap opera. But she had a heart attack last year and afterwards she listed the place. It will probably take 3 years to sell it. I would love to buy it as it was built by Old Man Watching's grandfather who was a blacksmith here during the gold rush. The fireplace has a plaque embedded in it that says J. B. Bryson 1900.

      Dolly deserves a rest now so I hope a buyer will show up soon.