Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Yahoo and Alleluia for Malala

Wednesday's throne speech will include a special detail: the government of Canada plans to give honorary citizenship to Malala Yousafzai.

This makes me so proud.  Again I am proud to be a Canadian, while also honouring the cultures of others.
There is something so poignant about this girl.  Her strength and determination humbles us all.  We need a little more humbleness in our lives.

I am praying that her story may break down walls between our cultures and wisdom traditions....  She is as beautiful as Mother Theresa.


  1. I now realize that last sentence may cause a controversy, but I was thinking of Mother Teresa when she was a young woman and was first being called to her life's calling.

  2. I like her much better than mother T.

  3. Her strength and courage truly amaze me! Her voice for women education appreciated, but comparing with Mother Theresa… and praising like only woman on earth, can't acceptable. (very sorry if my comment hurts you)

    Glad the govt. of Canada supports her intention and wanted to honor her… despite whatever differentiates. I also appreciate the Canadian government’s support for Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka. Thank you for the visit and comments on my blog Karyn… I’m too happy connected with you :) Keep sharing

    1. please see the first comment on this blog....I was thinking about how difficult it is for the prophets and saints among us to get used to their calling and accept their duty...we will be hearing more in the world from this we did with our beloved Teresa.

  4. She is an amazing woman. I hope that this citizenship will help protect her. It's difficult to know how other Iranian women react to her (if they know), but she is certainly the right sort of person to break down barriers.

  5. Her story is absolutely amazing, and it is wonderful that Canada is giving her honorary citizenship!!