Saturday, 26 October 2013

Settling In

I am still unpacking a few things and certainly doing a lot of re-arranging of knick-knacks and pots of plants that I gathered from friends.  The landlord decided it was time to tear down the backyard emergency escape route and refresh it.  It is turning into a big job as the former owners just kept pouring more cement on top of the last layer.  He also has to remove an old gas tank/furnace fuel container that was buried under the cement.  So somedays it is kind of noisey around here with him using the jackhammer.  He even had to take apart the new stairs he made for us at the back of the house.  We are only using the front door right now.

But the weather has still been warm for Canada and I am getting an hour a day of walking in and 

ALLEUIA    I lost 5 pounds this week.  We are settled enough that I can work on better meal choices and getting outside to walk, even with my bum legs.


  1. Hoping this goes I am still trying to figure out this new computer and then decided to update to Windows 8.1 which screwed things up here.

  2. It did come through, Karyn! Oh my, to that jack hammer!! Hope he waits to start AFTER you've had breakfast!! Congratulations on losing 5 pounds and pushing through the pain to walk an hour a day. Kudos!!

  3. There is much to be said for letting others worry about all the home maintenance. Your living situation sounds like a win/win. How is Old Man's health these days?

    1. He lost a lot of weight with the kidney infection but is looking quite trim and handsome right now. His tests all seem to be going well so we are basking in the recess from all the medical stresses of the last 7 years. He is so happy to be in this unit where he watches the work going on and enjoys talking about it with the 'guys', but feels no guilt about not helping them roll barrels of new cement to the patio or haul old barrels of cracked concrete to the dump. He watches until it is time for his nap. He wouldn't have been able to do that 5 years ago. He would have felt he should help. It is a good/bad thing this getting older. We might as well go with the flow.

  4. Ha, ha! Nothing like watching others working!! Hope the work is finished soon. But it sounds like they're getting on with it. Glad you are both getting settled.