Tuesday, 22 October 2013

What a warm, peaceful autumn

We are having such a wonderful autumn.  On my daily one hour walk I talk to others who are also marvelling at Canada being so warm so late in the year.  The air is clear but not cold, or even crisp yet.  I went back to the park to take pictures of our sister city's area. Bifuka, Japan has partnered with us. 
Below is a map advertising a biking tour in the Bifuka end of the island.

The Japanese garden is north (left) of the old railway station that is now washrooms.   An artist from there came to paint this background of a special private spot in the hills over there.  
                The owls are a symbol of Bifuka, Japan so these were installed by their area in the Railway Park.
As I wander the streets and back alleys I am delighted that there are still flowers bravely blooming, even though most folk have stopped dead-heading and weeding.  Here is a barrel in front of the Post Office and 
one in front of the museum that was built by great uncle Melville as a Customs office 

but then later was a hardware store, and now is the area's museum.  A century has gone by and then I 
spotted this old taxi in front of one of the older homes that has a huge wood pile.  What a lot of changes we have seen in our lifetimes.


  1. We can tell you are in the dry country! At home we waited till 2 for the foh to clear on Friday, and Saturday the sun never made it. I love Nakusp, but always feel cheated out of Indian summer

  2. Lakeland has several sister cities. Our sister city in Japan is Imabari. We also have sister cities in Richmond Hill, Canada, Portmore, Jamaica, Balti, Moldova, and Chongming, China. It is an interesting program, and I have been privileged to be able to meet some people from a couple of our sister cities, when they were here visiting.

    Where is Richmond Hill, in Canada? Have you been there?

    Beautiful photos taken along your walk and the blooming flowers are still bright and colorful! I hope your nice weather lasts awhile longer for you!

  3. I will have to look up Richmond Hill. I have no idea where it is. I forgot to include a map of Japan with Bifuka's spot so will do it now. Teenagers from the highschool and artists and ordinary citizens have gone there to learn about Japan. These exchanges have helped cure the hatreds from 65 years ago after/during the war. Their students come here to study also sponsored by the Rotary Club.