Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving honouring for my sister

As you know we have moved into a smaller unit permanently in Ashcroft, for our old age.   Old Grumpy Bear says he was born in Ashcroft and wants to die in Ashcroft.  He can be such a downer-guy at times. However, we are happy in our permanent digs where the landlord takes out the trash and cuts the lawn and works in the garden and shovels the snow and also built a backyard porch and stairs with railings for our safety. He is only 65 and his live-in-love is 63.
They are babies next to us.

After my sister,Dana, passed on at 70 in 2005, I accepted her big Random House Dictionary and the lecturn stand my brother-in-law had crafted so cleverly for it.  I have put the dictionary on a shelf in the book wall of the living room here.  BUT.... I couldn't find a space big enough for the big stand in this retirement suite.  We kept bumping into it in the night in the hall, and it looked dumb in the kitchen for some reason, and the bedrooms were too small for it.  I showed it to one of the church men who was very impressed with the workmanship and he said the church could use it.  Here is the church's former old stand.  There are a few churches in the smaller communities that could use it but it was getting pretty shabby and tatty looking. 
Below to the left in the basket are donations for the local food bank.   
We will pass it on to one of the small rural Indian churches or to the AA group that meets in our hall.  We are not sure yet.  It is pretty shabby but if you don't have even one, it looks good.  There was a brass book holder in storage

in a back room that is part of the Village's heritage history and could be revived.
The church worker, Ken, wanted to unite the craftsman stand and the brass book holder and adjustable stand.  This is the result.
It was used for the first time this Sunday for the Thanksgiving service.   It is adjustable so readers (or pontificators) of different heights can still adjust it.  He also attached the speaker microphone.
  The church men were excited about this unexpected gift.  The church is having a plaque made to screw into the front or base platform.  It will say..." In Memory of Dana Michael Fee-Hooper, and her dates.  I would like to add "lover of books" but maybe I should put 'lover of Robert and books" on the brass plaque. 


Inline image 2

I think Dana would be honoured.  I will probably never get a plaque in this heritage-designated church but she will have one.  The church was built during the Gold Rush in the late 1800's.  But she spent most of her adult life travelling overseas or in the States, even working for Roberta Flack in Washington, DC.  I just hope her husband approves of what I have done with his handiwork.  I will let you know what he says after he sees the pictures.


  1. Excellent, Karyn. How wonderful.

  2. Your sister is well honoured. As for your husband's desire to die in his birthplace, I wish more people would talk freely and openly about our common fate.