Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I'm still having problems with posting pictures.

.....  This is getting tiresome. 
Well the dumb lame leg is tiresome but I can get around a bit better these days using my old friend Willie's cane.  I had to adjust it 3 notches but it is fine now. 

Last weekend I went to a Visioning weekend for our little church.  We seem to be growing, and we're not sure why, but are feeling the need to decide on what we need to focus on.  There is just a small crew to do many jobs, as is typical in a small village.  I was able to stand with my cane to record the concerns to be discussed during the day.  After the brainstorming I was feeling a little deflated as I didn't think there was any way to get through all those topics.  Everybody has their own pet concerns.  I can't get the photos to transfer over to here.  I am frustrated.  Actually I am using stronger words than 'frustrated'.


  1. LOL - Karyn, I can feel your "frustrated" and think I know what words you are talking about!

    Just 10 minutes ago, a co-worker was telling me about problems at her church. She is the 'volunteer coordinator' at her church and is ready to resign. Sometimes what is really important gets so lost in multi-personalities and mis-communications. Sigh. Good luck.

    1. Actually I am most frustrated with the insert photos that won't work here. I love adding photos. The folk at the church are all genuine and we love each other through difficulties in directions. I find I can be patient with this bunch BUT not with computer crapola.

  2. I will go try to insert something somewhere and see what happens.

  3. I can see a photo of a cane on a bed ...

    ... and I hope your 'frustration' has subsided.