Monday, 7 January 2013

Trying again to insert pictures

I still can't get my own pictures off my computer onto this blog.  It has always been easy to do, here and on Multiply. 

Well, I just found current issues and this has been a problem since the 4th.  I am so glad it is not MY stupidity for a change.  It is an awkward solution to go around to another searcher, that they gave while they try to fix the problem. 

I went out with my Crone friends last week for an evening of Rummoli and wine and goodies.  It was good to get out, but I lost a ball of wool that I need for the rainbow coloured prayer shawl I am crocheting.I hope they fix the problem soon.


  1. No idea what that game is, but looks fun, Karyn. See my comment on your last post re pics.

  2. I've never heard of that game, either, but it does look interesting. I'll have to Google it. Hope you are able to post photos soon!!

  3. I remember playing that game... it is fun.

    I was trying to read your previous blog earlier and it wasn't even showing, I think it was more like a googleburp.. lol