Saturday, 12 January 2013


I received a late Christmas present from my oldest friend. It was a bag of books and this door mat. In the bag of books was "Teacher Man" by Frank McCourt so I dove into it right away. He was an Irish fellow who taught in New York highschools. I have enjoyed all of his books so far. I finished two prayer shawls, one a teal-green triangle and a dusty rose long rectangle in a trinity pattern. I hope to have the rainbow one finished tonight. I am still struggling to insert images. I don't know why this one transferred and the 3 others didn't.


  1. Lovely work on the prayer shawls. I have read a couple of the Frank McCourt books, and enjoyed them very much. Will have to watch for this one. Let me know how you like it. Crazy about the photos not posting. So far, I am not experiencing difficulty with it. Do all of the images have the blue outline? They only post if you click on them and the blue frame can be seen. That's a great 'welcome' mat!

    1. I can't even get the twirling black dots to bring up the icon that says to browse, so I have nothing to put the blue line around. The site acknowledges that some are having problems. I just want it fixed as this other way is really hit and miss and takes forever.