Wednesday, 9 January 2013

pictures via HTML

I don't understand all the extra marks in the print at HTML. It doesn't seem to want to post pictures either, but this is what the trouble-shooter site for problems said to do. Is anybody else finding the insert image icon not connecting?  Well, blow me down.  Here is the chart that I recorded all the pet concerns from members on, at the Visioning day last Saturday.  We actually managed to cover all of the topics, but some need more meetings.  There was a meeting last night for starting a Wednesday night church time.  We just don't know what form it will take.  I stayed home as there are too many stairs at the place chosen for the meeting.      

Hey some pictures did transfer over. But there were two of the disco ball in the hall.  How many church halls have disco balls?  The youth like using it when they have gatherings.  We are doing a Mexican non-alcoholic family dinner and dance and pinata etc. next week.  The priest laughed, "I think we are the only parish in the country that has a disco ball."  I should find out who installed it and found it, and where it had been stored since the 80's. 

Now if I can just remember how I did this posting at HTML.  But I still hope they get the other image-inserter fixed soon as this is too confusing.. 


  1. Sorry, but I am not having a problem with it. Hope it fixes itself for you soon. I enjoy your photos! Did you mean to insert the three images that are here?

    1. There should be 2 images....the flip chart of brainstorming and a disco ball in the ceiling.

  2. I can see two images ok Karyn.

    I tend to embed my photos from Flickr and haven't had any problems.

  3. I haven't had problems with inserting images here but haven't been here a lot so it's nice to get some time to visit your blog this morning. I have always enjoyed your photos and blogs on multiply