Sunday, 13 January 2013

Slow Sunday

There is a bad flu going around the village.  There's a worse one according to the TV on the Atlantic side of the continent in the US.  We had shots in October so we don't get a full-blown case but the last few days I have felt woozy and lethargic.  I was asked to make a big cake for the baptisms and confirmations at church this morning.  This is what fancy ones look like.

I am not a great cake decorator.  This is what mine looked like.  I tried to leave a blank cross in the middle but just made a mess and so decided to just use sprinkles and make it festive. 
 It is the cake I should have made for Mexican Fiesta night.  


  1. Your cake DOES look festive and I'm sure it was delicious. The fancy one appears to have been decorated with fondant, which tastes terrible.

    We got flu shots in October, too, and have avoided it so far. Joe has had a terrible cold, but it is a cold, not the flu. Hopefully we can continue to avoid it. We are careful about sanitizing our hands when we are out and about. Hope you feel better and aren't coming down with something nasty!

  2. It's what it tastes like that's important Karyn ...

  3. Decorated cakes usually taste chemical. Yours was probably better.

  4. I eat cakes too quickly to see what they look like. This one looks delicious.