Sunday, 6 January 2013

The season is over again.

All the hullaballoo is over.  I miss putting Bailey's in my morning coffee.  The coffee tastes a little blah after the holidays. 

I joined Weight Watchers and lost 2.5 pounds without too much deprivation during the first week.  I really miss my daily walks.  I am using a cane now and the bum leg is becoming more flexible.  But I still can't go out on the snow and ice to take long walks. 
I have just wasted a half hour trying to add pictures here and can't get the browse icon to click on to search for my photos to insert.  Anybody out there know why?  I have never had problems adding pictures before.  I shut down and rebooted and still no luck.  I am getttitttttttiiiiiiiinnnnnggggg ticked off.  The icon above doesn't take me to my computer.  I found the above picture in a round-about way in a picassa file that I don't use.  Normally I pluck photos from MY Pictures in my computer.  It is all confusing.  The little insert image icon in the dashboard above to the right of  Link used to take me right to my computer picture folders.


  1. And I always enjoy your photos! Hope the glitch fixes itself!! So glad to hear you are walking better and using a cane instead of the crutch. Congratulations of your weight loss!! That's fantastic. I need to get started now. My goal is 20 pounds by the first of April (ish). It is doable!

  2. It certainly is doable for you. It is a sensible goal. It will be an Easter present to your knees. I sure know that my weight has not helped me get my leg dancing and hopping again.

  3. I upload the pics I want to Flickr first and then copy and paste the HTML into the blog. Seems to work . . .

    Yes, a certain sadness at the festive season ending.

  4. Good onya for the weight loss! I find it helpful to go easy on the wheat. I don't get fanatical about it but it seems to make a difference.
    Even though I am not a Scrooge, I always feel a sigh of relief at the return of normal. This might be different if I were still in the work force and had a Christmas break. I hope the trouble with uploading pictures goes away soon. Yours are so enjoyable. I have not tried for a few days. Please, Blogger, don't you start giving us problems now!