Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Winter

I try to walk for an hour a day.  It is part of trying to get my bum knee more flexible.  I had a bad left-leg break in the 80's when jumping off of a combine while harvesting barley.  Then last year I fell off of a 3-step stool while cleaning windows at our house for a new renter.  That blew my right leg.  It has been 11 months and of course as they were opposing legs I have had a lot of pelvic bones out of alignment and other leg problems from being off-kilter.  Pish on all of that but the walking is really helping me now that I am not using a brace/crutch/cane anymore.  So my walking each morning goes out the front door and takes itself away.  This week I tried the "Slough Road".  It starts at the old firehall.
The slough is where the teenagers party and make out in warmer weather.  I didn't get that far but started thinking about terminology.        

My dad embarrassed me by saying, "No Spooning" to dates who picked me up in the 50's.  It was such an old fashioned word.  He embarrassed me.  We said 'necking'.  What do kids say now?  It was all so much more innocent then.  Spooning has a whole new meaning now as does 'making out'.  That is not the same as necking or spooning.  We didn't have birth-control so were forced to be more restrained.  The thoughts that go through my head while walking probably don't interest you, but can you tell me the modern equivalent for 'spooning'? 

It had been such a mild fall so to actually see snow on the far hills was a bit of a shock.  

I continued down the river road and smelled sweet sage bush odours and heard eagle calls and flushed some quail.  Then I smelled stinky fish and realized the rocky shores of the Thompson River would be having spawning salmon bodies at this time of year.

Then the next morning I looked out my window and realized winter really is here.  The snow had come down to the valley.  Goodbye to the kayaks until the Spring.  They are tucked away under the eaves of the workshop.  
I am wishing that Old Man would like to take us to the desert in the RV to boondock on the dessert for a few months.  We are warm in our little retirement suite, but we both like outside doings, a lot, and can see they may be curtailed again as we come to grips with being in Canada in winter.  We are in one of the milder areas but California's hot spring campsites are calling to me.  He just got too old for the long drives down to the south of the USA.


  1. Karyn, hop on a plane and come to Florida for awhile! Would love to show you places to walk right here in Lakeland!!

    I will not venture to even guess what spooning is called these days. In my days, as in yours, it was necking or making out - and had an entirely different meaning from today, I'm sure. Maybe someone else will enlighten us here!!

  2. The word for spooning these days is usually a row of asterisks. It looks like an interesting area to walk around in, Karyn. I'm sorry you didn't get as far as Partying and making out though; the pics would have been even more interesting.

  3. Pretty pictures from your walk! Love the old firehall!

    We said necking, then started saying "making out" somewhere along the way!

    Walking is the best exercise. :)