Saturday, 30 November 2013

Advent starts tomorrow.  There are only 25 days left until Christmas.  I have done all my shopping by buying food for the hungry in other people's names.  The donations come with a card explaining the gift and how it will enhance the life of struggling people around the world.  I will mail those cards with my Christmas cards.  I purchased a fish farm, seed potatoes, rabbits for breeding, chickens, art school supplies etc.  The gifts are meant to be worked with to improve their families' lives.  I match the gift to the recipients' favorite passions.  

This year we are meeting on every Tuesday evening of Advent to have a de-stressing time and focus on the reason for the season. 
 Our wreath at church is like the one above.  I know that purple is a royal colour but still it startles me every year when we are thinking red and green.

I did my tenth day of antibiotic IV and they debrided the dead skin on my hand which was really gross looking but much healthier than last week.   Praise the Lord for modern medicine and anti-biotics.  Even though I don't like them I was desperate with the pain.  I hadn't had any antibiotics for 20 years so it was probably safe to use them and the alternative was removing the finger....not an option, thank you very much.  However, I won't rest easy until they are all worked out of my system in a few days.  
  It is not quite this gross now as they debrided the dead skin this morning and it is all red and shiny underneath but the wound is healed.



  1. Karyn, I am so happy to hear your hand is healing so well! Praying for final healing and no more pain for you!!

    Advent is a wonderful time for Christians, as we prepare for the coming of our Lord. A blessed season, indeed! We are contributing in several ways, to help the needy during this special time of year. It is always good (and heartwarming) to remember those less fortunate. Blessed to be able to contribute in several places, to organizations doing good work in our community.

    I know you will enjoy your Tuesdays during Advent!

  2. You are so organised (and kind and generous!). Glad to hear your hand is improving; thank God indeed for modern medicine.

  3. Karyn
    Here are the latest messages from Charlie's son, Jamie:
    'Dad is still in hospital and has the family around him. He's sleeping quite a bit, but I was able to chat to him this afternoon and told him who had sent their best wishes from this thread and from messages, etc. He still has his sense of humour. I'll keep in touch as best I can. Thank you all.'
    'Another quick update. Dad is much the same at the moment. He's not in pain, but is asleep for much of the time. He's being well looked after and has a family member or two with him around the clock. I'll keep you informed as best I can. Thanks again for all the good wishes and messages.'

    1. This is all so sad for me but must be devastating for his family. I desperately want to read another of his hiking blogs right now. I will go back and read an old one, just for my own comfort. Do you think he has any chance of going home? Thank you and Jamie for keeping all his cyberspace friends in the loops. I have been praying for him since he first told us, and will continue.

    2. Trying not to think too much about it at the moment, Karyn, but it does sound fairly awful.

  4. Karyn

    I've reposted this.