Saturday, 9 November 2013

Rock n Roll concert

I decided to go to the local concert last night.  I am glad I did.  I don't really like loud rock but this was good, and to play to her small town audience she also did an old Hank Williams and a Patsy Cline song, revved up a bit.  I liked her own composition about her fondness for Guns and Knives.   She is from the north of Canada and works as a cook in the fall at a fly-in hunting camp.  I doubt she is a vegetarian.  Below is part of the ad and poster info.

Miss Quincy the Showdown ..not to be missed !

Miss Quincy 02Winding Rivers Arts Performance Society presents another fabulous Dessert Concert on Friday November 8th at St Albans Hall in downtown Ashcroft. The 2nd show of the Season will feature the Vancouver based blues, rock trio, Miss Quincy The Showdown. 

Tickets are now available at ; The Ashcroft Bakery, Natures Gifts and our new location - in Cache Creek at The Jade shop. 

Miss Quincy The Showdown is an all-girl dirty blues rock n' roll band based out of Vancouver. You’d better hide your sons and lovers when MISS QUINCY and her all-girl rock n’ roll band THE SHOWDOWN comes to town. Channeling Joan Jett and the early Stones spending the night together in a Tarantino movie, Miss Quincy doesn’t fit the classic girl singer/songwriter mold and The Showdown isn’t your average all-girl band.
You won’t find them singing pretty pages out of their diaries, instead you’ll find them starting a party everywhere they play by getting down and rocking out with raunchy roots blues and straight up rock n’ roll.
Miss Quincy has recorded 3 full-length albums and spent 5 years touring non-stop across Canada and Europe. 
It isn't my normal musical fare but was a fun evening and the desserts were wonderful.  I am more likely to be listening to Gregorian Chants but it is good to branch out.  I also got to talk to some folk I hadn't seen for awhile.


  1. It sounds like you had a great evening, Karyn. Fresh new music and quality time with old friends!! How interesting that the performer is a cook at a fly-in hunting camp. I bet she can tell some stories!!

  2. The interesting thing is that she finds going to that camp every year a chance to recharge and write new songs. You would think that cooking for a bunch of hunters and guides and pilots and First Nations crew would be a full time job. But to her it is fodder for songs.

  3. What could be better - Rock n Roll and desserts!