Sunday, 10 November 2013

I am sighing and crying

The enormity of the disaster in the Philippines and area hit me in church today, during the Prayers of the People led by Angus.  He even had to stop to collect himself.  The damage and pain is just unimaginable and the total number of dead just keeps climbing.  
1000 was bad enough after the first reports a few days ago but today Angus quoted 10,000.  I have tears in my eyes for the pain those families will have as they grieve for their lost children and parents.

I have blogger friends who teach there or are citizens.  They are not answering my e-mails to tell me if they are survivors and how their families are.  One minute I am sad and then I am mad and I don't have any answers for how to help, except the Red Cross is a good place to start donations.  What a horrendous job the aid workers will have trying to go in and help those communities that have been almost destroyed.  Global Warming?...... I wish I knew the answer.  Can you see all the different thoughts going through this man's brain?


  1. Karyn, it is a horrid tragedy. We can pray, and we are doing that. The devastation is unimaginable.

  2. I'm afraid the Philippines government were overwhelmed. But aid is starting to flow in now. Yes, it is a real tragedy. It's not at all clear yet how many are dead, but there are many and of course thousands more have lost their homes. Yes, the Red Cross is the organisation to support.