Saturday, 9 November 2013

Bits and Pieces

When looking after the grandkids we did one of our usual autumnal crafts.  We went outside to find the prettiest leaves and then ironed them between wax paper sheets and old cloths/towels.  Then we hung the trimmed wax paper with sealed-in leaves in the dining room windows for a surprise for the parents when they came home.  Crafts take time and are good for bonding.  They also make parents ooooh and  aaahhhh about how clever their children are.
I have some other pictures to share that amused me or delighted my eye.  First is my grand-daughter who fell asleep in her bath, her dad was close by, and so he called us and we took pictures.  Sometimes the excitement of Halloween just wears a girl out.  I don't think she got a story book reading that night.  She was actually snoring while under water.

Then we came home to Ashcroft and more work being done in the backyard to upgrade the patio and fire escape stairs as this is still a Bed and Breakfast upstairs so needs that for fire regulations. 
  The chunks got hauled away in wheel-barrows and the cement truck arrived in the alley behind the house.
The men worked fast while the cement was soft, and we watched the process and pretty soon there was a new smooth cement area to our back door that will be much safer to use, for us and anyone.
I am impressed with the smoothness of their trowelling.
Now it is time to rebuild the stairs.  That is my bedroom window in the upper picture, where I sit to do computer stuff and look out up to the empty hills (I will lift mine eyes up unto the hills) and to watch the birds at the feeders.  The new
stairs have been cut but the mess is still on the lawn.  "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs."  That proverb came to mind.


  1. Temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement!! The new patio and stairs will look wonderful! Very cute photo of your granddaughter asleep in the tub. I don't think I've ever seen that happen before! She must have been exhausted! Glad you had some fun with them, doing crafts and making memories! Wishing you a blessed week, Karyn!!

  2. I am always impressed at how professional builders finish off their work (but also leave mess!). Should be great when it's finished though, Karyn!