Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Reasons I Have Been Silent...3 whammies

#1   ....  I am under Dr's care for IV antibiotics daily at 11:00 and have a shunt in my left hand.  I poked myself in the right pinkie and it got infected badly with a lotof pus and swelling.  I had 4 sleepless nights until the antibiotics kicked in.  They are being aggressive hoping to not have to cut off the finger.  It is an annoyance wandering around with two bandaged hands Inline image 2and not being able to shower clean the house properly. I can't go to any parties either.   I haven't been out for my walks as I seem to use up too much of the day with medical 'stuff' - I am being polite there. The left hand is bandaged to protect the IV shunt they left in and the right hand has the wound so needs drainage pads and protection.  I managed a shower today by putting my hands in bags and taping my wrists. 

  Inline image 1    Now my hair is clean.  I wonder what I am supposed to learn from all this?  It annoys me to not be able to crochet as I can't watch TV, even the news, and just sit doing nothing.  My brother sent me some current DVDs most of which I have enjoyed, more so than the mindless drivel on TV anyhow. "The Words" and "The Promised Land" were thought-provoking. I went to church Sunday morning before going to the hospital but wore a big black wool poncho cape to hide the bandages and help to avoid questions.  When folk do ask, I put up my dukes and make boxing moves and ask, "Wanna fight?"

#2......Then our renter who was doing a 'rent-to-buy' said he is buying a different house that has more room.  I think he may be annoyed as we didn't accept his offer which was $20,000 below our rock bottom price.  We don't want to give it away.  But we really do want to get rid of the responsibility of a home.  We said we would wait until the tax assessments came in to counter-offer in the Spring.  So here we go again looking for a renter.  I think we will list it with real estate and just get rid of it.  But I don't want it empty in the winter and don't want to move back in.  We are happy in this wee retirement suite.  The RV hasn't sold so we are storing it for the winter up at a friend's acreage. 

#3 .... Our pickup is starting to have problems too but we can't get a new one until either the house or RV sells.  The clutch went and that cost $1000.  That was whammie #3.  However I am upbeat and trusting it will all fall into place.  

 We are supposed to be going to  ON on Dec 10.  until the 29th.  It has been over a year since we have seen the grand-daughters.
I hope they can clean up this infection and I don't have to go to Kamloops to have the finger and pad removed or any other plastic surgery, as our tickets on West Jet are non-refundable.  I hate hospitals and all medical stuff.  Typing is hard.


  1. Wishing you a fast recovery so you could go visit your grand-daughters.

  2. Oh my Karyn!! Now I know why you have been absent and that I should have been worrying about you. Add my prayers for your recovery to others who are praying for you. Trouble comes in 3s, so you have had yours and should be good for at least another year! I'm so sorry for all you are going through, and will sincerely be praying for you daily!! Thanks for checking in and letting us know what has been going on.

  3. Oh you poor dear so sorry.........the only thing one can do is scream and that never seems to accomplish much or discover some new hands free interest Do get well soon my blessing go out to you for recovery....

  4. Ugh! Sounds awful. I do hope your hands are better soon. Please save typing until they're cured; don't make them worse!! I do sympathise with your not selling the house; it can sometimes be so difficult. I hope that sorts itself out soon too. Thinking of you.