Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello Strangers

  This is our last camp, int the willows as it was so hot.  I strung a yellow sheet to make a privacy area where we could use the outside shower.  There were few other campers anyway.  But it was time to leave that rustic life with few modern amenities.

We are settled into a house with great Karma.  I like the smell of it..... an essential oil called Thieves, and it is at the end of a road in the village looking out at the hills and sagebrush.  We have a great Internet connection and will be here for another week house/plant-sitting.  There are huge TV screens in 4 rooms so Old Man Watching is watching.  We don't miss TV when we travel and camp but easily get sucked back into it's mindless vortex when back in towns.  So I will do a condensed version of our last few months in the bushes in a few days.  But tonight and tomorrow I will probably just spend as much time as possible reading your posts.  You are so entertaining.  You are almost as good as Indian TV.  Well maybe beavers and otters swimming by and playing or working really are more amusing, but you all are second best.  : )


  1. Rustic life is taking back your life to enjoy nature. I only went fishing once so far this summer.

  2. Karyn, it is so good to have you back on-line! I miss you when you are out in the wilds, enjoying the rustic life. Can't wait to hear all about the last few months!!

  3. Nice to hear from you, glad it is a good summer. I have not blogged in ages,too much Reno chaos. Soon.

  4. Hi Karyn. Not heard much since Multiply closed down. Glad you hear you are both OK. I am more active on Facebook where some of our old friends have turned up.

    Life is still greatr for me and Gillian and we are just back from a cycling holiday in Austria.

    Regards Jeff

    1. I certainly hope you keep checking in as I will have better Internet for awhile and then none for a month, but all will be well for the winter. Sometimes we are too far into the bush for a connection. We love that silence but are also hooked on connecting with the rest of the world. Well I am anyway. I don't think Old Man Watching could care less about the rest of the world. Although the only Tv he really wants to watch is the evening news. Go figure

  5. Great to hear from you again. Thanks for looking in. Love the cartoon!