Friday, 19 July 2013

Well I will try to catch up again....end of May-June 2013

The months fly by when you are having fun but we haven't been settled long enough in one spot that has internet connections.  I need a few days to catch up on all my blogger friends' doings around the world.  It seems when I do have a connection I use the time to catch up on on-line banking, sending birthday cards and answering e-mails.   A fish on the line rings the bell or the campfire needs tending or it is time for a horsemanship lesson, or visitors stop to chat,  or we need to run into the village for milk etc.  Life interferes.  Which rock star said, "Life is what happens when you are busy doing other things." ?  I hope to post on one of our trips to civilization in the village of Lillooet but we are too busy and banking is more important.  Actually the closest spot for e-mail and cell service is the Bridge River Indian Band's Cemetery which is 40 minutes on a switchback gravel logging road.  Go figure.  I feel silly parking in a cemetery to do computer work.  


  1. Oh, how I have missed you, Karyn! I keep wondering what kind of adventures you are having with friends and loved ones. I know you will land somewhere soon, and will be able to bring us up-to-date. Know that you are thought of often, and remain in my prayers for good health and safe travels. Love & hugs!

    1. Thank you, Dear One. I feel so guilty about not blogging very often but I just can't. We will be camping at a friend's house who has an internet connection, next week. It is very hot here so we are looking forward to using her air-conditioning while they go to Vancouver Island for a few weeks. I can't wait for the real tomatoes to be ready to eat, not the ones that come on trucks all winter from Chile and California. I want the ones that taste like tomates from the vine and are still warm. I am starting to sound like Martha Stewart. Next week I should be able to blog about July.