Monday, 5 August 2013

June and July in our little part of the world

I had this blog almost finished last night when I knocked a small glass of sugared water over on it.  I fried my machine.  Evidently the sugar is worse on a keyboard than the water.  So I am back to using my old computer, that I still prefer over the Windows 8, as I am used to it.  Old Man thinks this is his machine now, so he is not impressed.  I can't take the new one to see if it can be fixed until Tuesday, where I bought it.  So now I will try to remember what I wrote last night.  It went poof with the computer.

We were delighted with the birth of Prince George as it was so good to see and hear good news for a change.  Somehow the level of energy in conversations those few days, was more positive in Canada.  Why is that?

We were out at the Lee Creek Ranch again for a month in June  Old Man had done some tractor work clearing the hay stacking yard and put down some horses that needed to be hauled away.  It is ugly stuff that I stay away from.  It is a good time for a shower.  He also hauled away some fallen trees from some big winds we had out there.  But Megan was fortunate to have so many folk who came to help with welding, mechanicing, and cutting and baling hay.  

I was working in the garden every day as it had gone to weeds after it was planted as Megan had no time to work there and June was very rainy so it was hard to find a day to work in there.

 I left it looking like a show garden, but enjoyed the work.  We weren't really needed by then so moved along.  The first crop of big round bales was off the field and stacked.  She is crying less and will cope well now.  It has been six months since Layton died, but we still can't believe that such a charismatic person is really, really gone.

Then it was time for my yearly (5th) Crones' Campout.   We chose a site this year that is almost across the Fraser River from the Lee Creek Ranch.  

Old Man and I went in to set up a few days early to reserve spots for the other campers.  Joanne helped clean the camp and move the firepit barrel closer to the lake.  Fountain Lake is up in the mountains above the Fountain Lake Indian Reserve.  The drinking water is very good here.  It is only $7.50 to stay there a night and has a concession and showers and indoor toilets if you want to walk that far over to use them.  We used the pit-toilets mostly except at night when we use the inside RV ones.  
We were only nine this year, but swam 

 and kayaked and hiked and explored and tried new food and wines.... in the bush.

I liked Fountain Lake as there was so much Indian TV to watch.  After the Crones left on Sunday/Monday we stayed 3 more days to just watch the beaver and herons and loons and catch a few fish.  Old Man doesnt' fish but I was inside the RV cleaning, so he brought this little rainbow trout in for me to have for breakfast the next day.

Then we left to come back to our village and house-sit a cat that owns a salt-water pool, alongside the Thompson River.  

 I did a lot of weeding and dead-heading in the patio area to pay for our free showers, swims, and use of the cool house.
We certainly enjoyed the front porch in the mornings looking out at the river.


  1. Oh my, what a beautiful view from that front porch! Wow!

    Sounds like your Crones group had a great location for a memorable time. It is so nice that you all get together like that.

    The garden you left behind does look like it is from a magazine. I'm sure it is very productive, too. The help you both gave was most appreciated, I'm sure.

    That is a gorgeous black cat! And we were quite excited at the birth of Prince George, too! Happy news, indeed!

  2. What wonderful scenery! And even cats have their own pools!! You ladies must have had a fabulous time too. I am very impressed by your garden maintenance, Karyn. I could use you here. I've just weeded my back beds, but I think I've pulled up the flowers I planted last year.