Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wellness? July and August in an RV in BC

I have a little extra energy this evening so will do a bit more catching up to tell you about our travels.  We were in Ashcroft Village during the Wellness Festival Weekend.  
That was the weekend I also began to feel we really should settle down here in this river valley where the winters are mild but not mouldy like the coast, closer to Vancouver.   I took in parts of the Festival on Saturday and went to the street ecumenical Church Service on Sunday morning at 10:00.  It was a hot day so I appreciated the tent coverings for shade.  We were so blessed to have so many different local spiritual groups who agreed to participate.  

Some of my friends were not comfortable with this diversity on Sunday, but I feel that Jesus would have revelled in the desires of people's hearts to share their senses of seekers honouring other seekers looking for The Path.  I feel Spirituality is in our DNA.  But it manifests itself differently.  I chose the teachings of Jesus.  What did you choose?  I will honour your choice, even if it is Humanist/ Agnostic/ Atheist/ Muslim/ Buddhist ... etc........etc  

Our Anglican (Episcopal) priest had started his career in Tennessee, so had good memories of Elvis on the radio as he went to serve small communities on Sunday mornings.  He opened the service with a Hebrew Hora verse using his guitar to encourage chanting and dancing.  The drummers in the background picked up the beat and some folk actually rose to dance in the aisles.  
That is a new one for our Canadian conservative feelings.  Then the Hare Krishnas were asked to do the Invocation.  The long chanting session in another language made some folk uncomfortable, but most of us have travelled enough these days that we are not so xenophobic.   

We were led in some Southern Baptist style hymns with the 'amens'  and 'yes brother' type responses, by our Anglican priest ( of all people ).  I found that amusing on the streets of our staid little village.  We sang very familiar hymns for the drop-ins, like 'This Little Light of Mine'.  There was a lot of clapping and 'Alleluias' during those several hymns.  

Then an Elvis impersonator came on to sing.  He was the real preacher that day, in the good old revival style, that annoys me, but he made it enjoyable somehow.  Maybe it was the jokes about St. Peter and fancy folk.  He really was a good singer and did about 6 of Elvis' best Gospel songs.  He was also easy about sharing his 'Born Again' beliefs.  Alleluia is all I could say afterwards.

I wish church could be this interesting a few more times a year, but really enjoy my own weekly rituals.
When I got back to the home that we were house-sitting, Old Man Watching had experienced a bad session.  He was trying to shut down the RV so we could go up the mountain to a cooler lake, when he fell backwards over a curb and into a cedar hedge and had nobody to help him get up and out.  He did it himself eventually and drove away to our new campsite.  He was on Ibuprophen for 3 days.  More later....


  1. As a pagan/humanist/agnostic I might well have enjoyed your service. Your description of it made me smile. Now I look forward to hearing more about how your husband is doing. At our age, especially theirs, any day can be the last of the good old days....

  2. I think I'm with len in the Kootenays as to what or who I am. I also enjoyed your blog and I think I would have enjoyed the service too ...

    I hope Old Man is fully recovered.

  3. Well, I'm sure you know that I chose Jesus, but I respect spirituality in whatever form. I believe, ultimately, we all worship the same God anyway - just by different names. We still call Him Great.

    I'm glad your sweetheart was able to get out of the hedge and drive away, but sorry he was hurting for three days afterwards.

    I am so happy to see your post today! I enjoy hearing from you and miss you when you are out on an adventure, without access to the internet.

  4. I agree that these sort of 'inclusive' services are great. It always used to be like that of course - my last trip to Spain had me visiting the mediaeval parts of the towns where there were churches/mosques/synagogues all in together. Not sure they had Hare Krishnas though. Best wishes from me too to Old Man.