Friday, 21 September 2012

The next few weeks in Ontario

#1 Son's family likes to go on bikes to see the countryside.  They met us at a little park further down the river in front of their house and we had a picnic.  There was a lovely bench there dedicated to a man named Mark Cinnamon.

We have enjoyed so many activities with the grand-girls here.  They don't seem intimidated by us anymore and even challenge us on a few things.  The inlaws have a pool off their deck surrounded by a corn field this year.  Dana was calling her dad Elvis and pretending to rescue him as he was drowning.  She can't swim herself without water wings.This day they also brought their 92 year old Granny out of the retirement home and brought her for dinner.  She loves to play euchre. 

One of the campgrounds that we took the girls to, had a heated indoor pool and another the next week had a heated outdoor salt-water pool.Any camping is fun if you have campfires and marshmallows and can fry bologne or wieners for dinner for yourself.

Their father is the senior programmer at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa so they knew that one exhibit was about Canada's long inter-actions with the Queen.  So we needed to practice having a proper tea time.  They reminded me to keep my pinkie finger up and to not clink the spoon in the china cup like a cement mixer grinding rocks, and to not make rude noises etc.  I didn't teach them about the pinkies.  They must have picked that up from TV.They don't think their Granddad is very good at having Pretend-Tea with the Queen.  They like to wear one of my old hats to be posher.  We also played gypsies one day and I read their tea leaves. I got to dress up exotically that day.


  1. I know you are making so many wonderful memories with those girls!! What fun!! I love to play eucher, but no one down here has even heard of it. My mom was in a eucher club!! I think I need to teach some folks how to play and get it started! The heated salt-water pool sounds interesting! Thanks for the update, Karyn!! Have fun!

  2. Outdoor salt water pool.. amazing.. I think your having a grand old time...

  3. Fantastic write.................and your still having fun!

  4. Those girls are getting the greatest Nana time! You will be remembered.

  5. This is such fun. Yes, Nana is great!