Monday, 10 September 2012

Halliburton Highlands #4 and goodbye

We had a good rest at the hospitable Bathe Homestead, after a long trip to get 2/3 of the way across Canada.  Now it was time to do the last day's travel-leg and actually get to see the grand-girls in the flesh, after 2 years of only internet and phone connections. 

The last evening Dave fried a big puffball mushroom that he found in a special secret patch.  He cooked it in a
cast iron pan in the bbq.  It had the texture of bread and I loved it.  We always worry about poison with mushrooms but they have been eating them for years and are still kicking butt. 

Then on the last morning Dave rose early to make some fresh bread using his organic Red Fyfe grains that he mills himself.  I heard a grinder the night before but couldn't figure out what the noise was.  Neighbours a mile away were also having a family reunion and firing off fireworks.  I just went blissfully to sleep.He also g rinds a fresh mixture of grains to cook as a porridge for his own breakfast.  It all works in with their Thrive Diet .  He gave us the rest of the loaf to take on the trail, and boy did we love slicing that for treats.  When we got to #1 Son's house the girls liked it too with butter and honey.  Dave is a good cook.  We like his free B and B services too.  We really like the free part.

 We were getting excited to be on the last day of our Cross-Canada trip.  We knew we would not get there until after their supper time, and we were still on Pacific Time zone feedings ( just after lunch for us).  I phoned from about a half hour away and said all the girls needed to be in pajamas and ready for bed, as I was, and it was after dinner for them.  That was just to make it easier to put them to bed after the excitement of a reunion.I recognized that clump of trees across from the river roadside.  When we got there and started honking the horn as we pulled up the driveway to their RV park on the west side of their house,

the girls came running out in pajamas. 

Alleluia...such joy for us, and they loved exploring 'Nanny's Fort'.  We had a glorious reunion but they wanted to just stay in the RV checking out all the buttons and lights and little hidey holes. 
Dana is being a puppy on the dash.

Jacklyn is trying out the driver's rotating chair levers and buttons. 

I had two presents for them, a kite and a coconut each.  Mom and Dad were in charge of assembling the kites.

Opening, cracking, milking and eating the coconut took an hour. 
We had a lot to talk about.  Finally it was bedtime. 
Old Man and Nanny were ready for it, sighing with JOY.


  1. The kites had to wait until the next day to fly.

  2. Oh Karyn, what a wonderful reunion that was!! Great photos! I just know you are going to enjoy your stay there. The girls are beautiful. I can't wait to hear more about all the joy!! Have fun and make lots of memories!

  3. PS - the mushroom and bread both look delicious!

  4. Hi Karyn,

    I read you note on my blog this morning, and just wanted to comment. The Museum of Civilization in Ottawa sounds like a great place to visit! I wish you could visit us here in Florida. Polk Museum of Art has a very nice pre-Columbian collection of artifacts that I think you would enjoy. Thanks for thinking of me, and I look forward to your next post!! Terri

  5. How lovely when they run out to meet you!

  6. Loved your previous blog about that beautiful homestead. It also made me want to have chickens again. Enjoy those lovely girls!

  7. PS: I just found the subscribe by email sign right underneath the comment box.

  8. The girls are pretty. How they must have loved to have their granny dropping by to pay a visit. Have a good time with the girls Karyn!