Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Ontario with # One1 Son...first week

On Sunday we settled in and relaxed for a few days and got re-acquainted with the grand-girls.We are very close to the Quebec province (warm blue), in the eastern side of Ontario (orange).  #1 Son and his family live near the New York border which runs down the middle of the St. Lawrence River. We have been here now for almost 4 weeks.

 I will try to condense the hightlights.                   

First there was a pre-wedding stag party for our son's brother-in-law two days later.  The following weekend there was a barn dance to celebrate our son's parents-in-law's 40 th anniversary.  They usually have a barn dance every year.   They call it a Jug-Fest.  Their daughter, Karen, took a degree in Art and had to build a functional piece of art from recyclables.  This is what she did a few years ago with old laundry jugs, and they keep using it as an excuse for a party each summer.

Happy 40th Anniversary
They both argued about leaving the dancing and insisted they weren't tired at 9:30 but were asleep in 20 minutes in the RV. 

That week we had also taken both grand-daughters away to camp for 2 nights and 3 days along the St. Lawrence River.     It is about an hour from #1 son's house.                                                 

The Parkway has 11 islands that were just high spots on the Lost Villages trail,  along the shore that was flooded for the St. Lawrence Seaway.   That is a sad story for some folk.  But here we are 50 years later enjoying what was left of the tops of their expropriated farms. The Parks Department connected them with bridges and developed camping areas.  We stayed in the first campground, called McLaren.  The beach was fun and the showers were above average and not at all grungy.  The USA is on the other side of the river.It was sunny, warm and fun.


  1. Love your photos!! I have visited the 1,000 Islands on the St. Lawrence. Beautiful and very interesting. Glad you had some quality time with the girls!! What fun, celebrating a 40th and getting to see family. Thanks for the update!

  2. That's a nice looking pig ... does anyone actually eat the apple in its mouth ?

  3. ..."does anyone actually eat the apple in its mouth ?"

    Trust you to ask that question. One of the younger folk who had his fill of beer did take it and eat it to try to impress a young lady guest. She wasn't impressed by their walk in the cornfields either, but did say afterwards that he seems to know a lot about corn.

  4. Great that I found you now I am having a time learning how to navigate. Love the photos and your adventures. When my sisters oldest daughter got married they had a pig roast and I do think I remember an apple in it's mouth but that was about 15 years ago

  5. Almost caught up now.....and won't miss any more since I found the subscribe by email button on the RIGHT side underneath the comment box. Love the tour of the East part of the country.....well it seems East to me. I guess it is middle. You are a great guide, maybe it comes from being a teacher for years?