Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Entering Ontario west to central

You can see below that blasting roads through the Canadian Shield was not an easy task.  This is the hill going down to Rossport on Lake Superior.  The scenery along Lake Superior is spectacular.

Falling rocks are a constant problem.  Near Ironbridge we saw the sign below and I assumed there was an equestrian centre nearby. But I was wrong as shortly we saw one of these distinctive vehicles.


We had seen Amish in New York and Pennsylvanian towns a few years ago.  Evidently the Amish began moving into Canada and buying farmland, mostly in Ontario, in the 1950's.  They liked the idea that there wasn't any conscription and that the government would let them run their own schools.  They do not accept any social assistance for milk quotas or family allowance, and it is difficult to estimate their population as they are a fast growing group with 6.8 children in the average family.  They started moving into Canada also for cheaper chunks of  farmland. 

They are not allowed ownership of possessions that my make them vain, like cars or electricity, so life is basic.  They run businesses in local towns and their produce sells well.

They have also started furniture factories.  I quite like the simplicity of the design styles  I like their philosophy of   'letting it go'.  It keeps their lives less stressful and the community harmonious.  I was surprised at how lenient they are with their young people.

Still they do seem out of place in a shopping mall buying a new baby stroller.  Their traditions are fascinating to read about.  Church services are held in homes as are weddings, which normally happen in November, after harvest-time.

Then we moved on to the Muskoka Lakes country.  Many big city folk in Ontario spend their summers at their cabins at the lake.  Cabins might now be a mis-nomer as most are fancier than our cottage/home.

It's a great life if you can afford it.


  1. Hi Karyn! I like what you have done with your site! Thanks for catching us up on your travels. The photos are wonderful, and the information about the Amish in Canada quite interesting. I didn't realize they had moved into Canada. I really like their furniture style, too. Great lines! Safe travels!

  2. I can see some mistakes in my blog but will 'let it go' like the Amish and not fret over how to go about fixing it now. I want to do central Ontario as I am weeks behind again.

  3. Very interesting blog, seems like their life style is healthier than most.
    Thanks for sharing those beautiful moments.

  4. I am happy to see that you are well settled here. As for me, it might take time. Busy with work too. Keep it up. I will be a regular visitor.

  5. Love the glimpses of Eastern Canada. That Amish furniture is beautiful and timeless. I could never thrive in a community that demands unwavering obedience to authority, especially a male one, but otherwise the lifestyle has much to recommend it.