Saturday, 26 July 2014

Wellness Festival

Our village went through a process called 'branding'.  It was to help us find an identity to advertize that would attract visitors and new citizens.  After a few years and some disgruntled local people being vocallly negative, we ended up with this logo and brand for our village.  
It leaves out the Cariboo Gold Trail history an all the old cowboy stuff.  
The villages close to us can have that brand.  We have railways too that are intregal to the health of the economy here, but that was poohed as there are too many communities in Canada using the railway history theme now anyhow....  So, after many meetings (when we were in California being 'Snowbirds' ) a brand was designed for us that focussed on Wellness.  It seemed appropriate for me as we always seem so much happier back in the village than any other place.  

The village decided to have a yearly Wellness Festival to celebrate the many things the village has to offer in organic foods, spas, physical movement groups and spiritual places to connect with.  We love to camp at Barnes Lake above the village where it is cooler in the summer.  

The village has little shoppes like the new tea house that cater to the folk who like organic products.  There are zip line resorts and dude ranches and organic farms and and and....

A singer who does tributes to Elvis and likes the gospel genre, came to sing on Saturday night in the park and my church folk went over to the park on Sunday morning to enjoy his gospel music in lieu of a formal service.  He is not really an impersonator as he has his own music Cd's of famous artists he 'covers'.  He does tributes to Elvis and Roy Orbison and Neil Diamond etc.....   I enjoyed his version of Louis Armstrong's 
" What a Wonderful World ".  It became a hymn of praise, or a prayer.    We had a few spits of rain but we were praying for rain as there had been two local fires....all the fires are contained now.  \
There was a party in the park on Saturday night, but the Sunday Service of Worship was meant to be shared by any worshipping group.  So we had B'nai Brith and Hare Krishna and agnostics and atheists and Christians enjoying the music.....

  Each group was given time to say a prayer,  and then later do a reading, and later a presentation.

I really do love the diversity of folk Our Lord gave us to enjoy.


  1. I love the new logo, Karyn. Your Village chose well, I think! I also love the diversity of your worship services, when they happen like that! Thanks for sharing the great photos and your news!

  2. Did you notice I had the lens on fish-eye by mistake. I must have pushed it by accident.