Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June camping and and and

I will miss a lot but here are the June highlights.  Our grand-daughter's first riding lessons week was delightful to watch.  She also caught her quota of fish.  She missed a week of  Kindergarten but learned a lot of real-life stuff.  She even got brave enough to bonk the trout and cut off the head.  Gutting is still not her job but she will watch it now.  

The first day of Nolan's week of playing hooky from school had turbulent weather.   He usually has luck with praying to the weather gods. :)  The first day was cancelled though due to lightning.  However the sky cleared to go back up the hill (behind his head in this picture) and catch more fish.  This is the second day as he practiced his arm circles while moving forward.

He worked on his homework while I did laundry at our suite.  It is also an easier place to clean fish as there is fresh running water. 

He got to go kayaking also as another friend came with kayaks and took him.  They left the kayaks for us to use anytime that week.  That was an unexpected treat.  They also came with a load of wood and visited often in the evenings.  He happily went home with a quota of trout for transporting.  

After we returned him to his father I invited a single mother and her daughter to visit the camp.  The daughter caught her first fish and also went kayaking.  She was so proud of herself.  She cooked on the fire and had a delightful time.  On Saturday I kept her overnight so her mother could have a break.  But all good things must come to an end and you are only supposed to camp at these wilderness recreational sites for 2 weeks at a time and we had been there 3 weeks.  So the big job of returning the RV to the village and cleaning it out had to be done. Then one of my former students, a special needs girl, invited me to her graduation.  She also got a scholarship to go to the nearest big college in the fall.  She is relishing the thought of independent living.  Here she is on the big day with her supportive cousin.

June is a busy month.  Father's Day weekend is also the local rodeo weekend and it is kick-started with a charming small town parade, led by an RCMP officer in full regalia.  

The grandchildrens' riding instructor also entered a horse group in the parade.  We just watched it go by down our street in lawn chairs out front.  That is our rv parked on the other side of the street.

My favourites are also the pipe bands.  It stirs something in my celtic soul.
I will do the rest of June at a later date.  


  1. So good to catch up on your news, Karyn! I'll look forward to hearing about the rest of June. It sounds like everyone had a splendid time, camping with you. Catching and eating fish, boating....great memories for the young ones (and you!).

  2. Looking forward to the next bit too. Here'a my latest post.