Friday, 18 July 2014

Crones' Capers Camping

It was time to leave the grandchildren and head home farther north.  We took the ferry back from Vancouver Island and drove through the Vancouver city congestion and were happy to stop 2 hours from home to just rest for the afternoon and evening at a RV park on a Native Indian Reserve north of Hope.  We were home the next day for laundry, gardening, weeding and packing up to go on Wednesday to set up a communal camp for my Crones' weekend.  I like to have extra days before and after.  I didn't get the spaces I wanted but we were happy to have sites right on the lake.  We were also close to the wharf.
Ten Crones showed up over the next few days.  Some stay 5 days and some only 2 but I like to book a full week for myself.  Old Man Watching comes to watch for a night or so at each end of the Caper.   It only costs $6 a night per RV for seniors so the price is right.   I had to nail our sign upside down to make the arrow point in the right direction at the park gate.

I used my cast iron pan to bang an axe into a tough log and broke it.  |I had that pan for over 40 years.  How can you break a cast iron frying pan?  I just claimed I hit Old Man on the side of his head, as he was being cheeky again.  I am tough.  Tough to get along with and tough to look at.
 The first arrival was Rhonda in her little van.  She made guacamole for appies time.  She also brought her American friend from Washington to spend the weekend with us.  She was a hoot too.
 The first catered meal was on Friday at noon.  Germaine treated us to an Hawaiian feast of pulled pork and papaya etc.  She showed us how to do a hula and played music and gave us all leis.  Dollar stores are great places to get props.  She even put little umbrellas in the Mai Tais she made for us.  
Janice got right into the dancing thing.

Sue from the USA and Leah couldn't resist fooling around with the leis.

Leah's husband, David, brought her and set their trailer up for our stay and then left, just like Old Man.  She and Kathy supplied the delicious chicken meat-only spaghetti sauce dinner on Friday night.  That called for red wine of course.

Brenda stole my hat as the sun was so strong and a few of the wise ones got touches of burn.  Is that wise?  The heat in the day was draining so the adventurous went for walks in the woods and kayaking trips and everybody floated in the lake many times a day.  Foam noodles are fun.

 The bravest still sleep in tents.  I caught a trout in front of the red tent.  It was good too with bright pink flesh.  I fried it in the cracked iron pan.

Saturday at noon was a Mexican meal hosted by Janice.  She made quesadillas with fancy side dishes and played Mexican music and fed us Margaritas.  She had been to the dollar store too for festive napkins and wee sombreros on headbands.

 On Saturday during Happy Hour we play some games and one is a gift exchange, where you can steal somebody else's gift, twice only.  

Kathy got to keep her sign.  It says, "Thank God for Girlfriends"

Maggie stole my present but gave it back later as a thank you gift for sleeping in our RV.  All gifts must cost less than $10.  Maggie helped with appies and breakfast on her Coleman cooker and was able to stay two nights this year.  Usually she only comes for two days and one night.

It had been hot for days and forest fires were burning further north/south/east that made the air smokey.  I stayed 2.5 more days.  All the Crones had left but this is what we woke to on the last morning before Old Man drove the RV home for me and I drove the pickup.  It was difficult to see headlights and tail-lights on the road home as it got worse the further south we drove.
Where will we have our campout next year?


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  2. Well, that looks like an excellent place to meet next year, too! What a fun thing to do, and how great that so many friends gathered this time! Thanks for sharing another adventure with us, Karyn!

  3. Sounds you had so much fun with your friends :)