Monday, 24 February 2014

True Canadians

We have been busy lately so I have not been blogging.  We have been doing funerals and helping a new friend find a suitable place to live.  

And in between we have been following the Olympics.  Some of our friends actually got up at 4 AM to see the last game of hockey against Sweden.  We just told every one to NOT tell us what happened and then we watched it after I got home from church. 

We have not had a lot of snow locally, but this weekend on Vancouver Island they were dumped on.  The grandchildren woke up to a winter wonderland and ran out to make snowballs in their bare feet and pajamas.  



We also both had a bout with gastro-intestinal upsets that kept us low for about 8 days all together.  Unusually, for me, I got it first and was just reviving when I had to baby Old Man Watching.  So many of our friends seem to be in Mexico.  That might be a better plan for next February.

Now I will catch up on your writings.


  1. Oh my, Karyn!! I can't believe the kids are out in the snow barefoot and in PJs!!! What a hoot! They really are true Canadians, I guess! Love it.

    Sorry to hear you have both been under the weather, and funerals are never easy. I'm sure your friend appreciate the help with finding a place to live. You have been busy, but you have also been missed here!! Nice to catch up with you!

    1. That would be APPRECIATED your help. I hate that we can't edit our comments!!

  2. We also found a house for rent at last… I feel bad for not having people like you here helping on finding place to live.
    Wow! Seems you grand-kids love snow… he’s so dare going bare chest in such cold weather. Hope u feel good now :)

  3. You also did well in the curling (curses!). Well done.